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Entomology is the science behind our understanding of insects and their relationship to the environment, other organisms and the human world.

Insects exist in every environment, and are the most abundant group of animals in the world, over one million different species of them have been scientifically described to date.

The science of entomology is crucial to our understanding of evolution, ecology and biodiversity. Entomologists provide critical input on matters of human and animal health, agriculture, molecular science, chemistry, biology, criminology, and forensics.

AMA entomologists typically find themselves working closely with agronomists on matters of crop infestation and protection, with forensic scientists on the taxonomy and life cycles of insect species encountered during investigations, and with human and animal health experts on the taxonomy and capability of insects.

In addition to their field work studies and expert documentary reviews, AMA entomologists are able to provide in-depth laboratory assessments by a range of measures including visual and scanning-electron microscopy, 

Typical uses for entomologists include:

  • taxonomy of insect life under assessment
  • infestation control and prevention in agriculture, building structures and other areas
  • fumigation and phytosanitary measures
  • expert forensic advice for civil, criminal and other
  • environmental impact studies (for planned works)
  • assistance with legal and scientific rules and standards governing insects and their management in the environment
  • quantification of damages to the environment (such as woods) from infestation

Case Study: Packaging Infested

A high value shipment of machinery was sent from China to the USA by sea, using a number of large shipping containers. On arrival the packaging material for the shipment was found to be infested by insects. The packages were refused entry and the receivers fined to the full value of the cargo shipment, and in addition to the delivery delay charges our clients were facing a claim in excess of GBP 10 million.

Working from limited information, AMA entomologists provided expert assessment to identify the species of insects involved from the barcode (genetic profile), their likely origin and from the stage in life cycle, the likely date they entered the packaging.

From the evidence we were able to provide a strong defence to the shippers that the infestation had not occurred while in transit, and allowed them to start recourse actions against other parties in the chain. 

AMA Provided: –

  • Entomologists (insect experts)

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