Failure & Analysis

Our material scientists frequently consult on whole product, component and materials failure by a range of mechanisms including mechanical, metallurgical and corrosion. We are experts in materials testing, and the use of various laboratory techniques and the instruments to do so, including load cells (and test rigs), electron microscopy and X-Ray spectroscopy.

In particular, our strength in material sciences and long history in consistently resolving metal related claims are well applied to heavy industry and multi-modal shipping related incidents.

Metal products we routinely work on include: carbon, stainless, alloys, electrical, rebar, merchant bar, wire rod, plate, hot & cold rolled coils, shipping ISO containers, metal failure analysis, container lashing systems, damaged steel pipes and rods, as well as finished products including vehicles and metal parts.

The formidable team of AMA experts are familiar with a wide range of base and product materials, including: ores & minerals (including liquefaction), cement / concrete, wood in all forms, composites, plastics and polymers, protective & enhanced material coatings, metals in all forms, light and heavy machinery and white goods.

AMA have an unrivalled familiarity with UK and international  industry standards including GB, ISO, SAE, ASME / AMSI and ASTM. Several of our science previously worked as high level level laboratory managers and a number of our experts are also being ISO / ISM certified professionals and assessors.

Case Study: Container lashings failure

A 14,000 TEU vessel lost 20 containers overboard during a sea passage from the Mediterranean to northern Europe. The owner of the vessel accused that cargo interests had misdeclared the contents of their containers, in effect overloading them to the point that they collapsed and caused a cascading failure in those around them.

AMA surveyors attended to examine the damages onboard the vessel and collected samples of the broken parts on behalf of the cargo interests. Our in-house material experts supervised the metallurgical analysis of these parts using load cells on custom-built test frames, electron and optical microscopy and were able to demonstrate that the lashing equipment had failed to meet the standards to which it was designed.

This case was then completed with a full analysis of the voyage, including an assessment of the crew’s actions and prevailing weather conditions, which ultimately cleared our clients of any liability for the claim.

AMA Provided: –

  • Material scientists (metallurgical experts)
  • Maritime officers (operational experts)
  • Naval architects (structural experts)
  • Maritime surveyors (investigative experts)

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