Marine Consultancy

Consulting has always been key to the sound development and success of our organisation. We thrive to find solutions to some of the industry’s most complex and technical issues. By sharing our deep knowledge of the maritime world with our clients, and guiding them through engineering and scientific challenges, we offer them the possibility to fully reach their goals in a seamless manner.

Technical Support

With our significant and full time team of Mariners, Marine Engineers, Superintendents, Naval Architects and Scientists, AMA is able to provide a full suite of technical support services on an ad-hoc, permanent or semi-permanent basis to clients around the world. We presently provide such support on various issues ranging from superyacht and commercial vessel procurement and management, through to chemical carrier and hazardous cargo (hazmat) support to name a few.

Our team is also frequently called upon by owners, charterers, underwriters and other interested parties to provide specific technical assistance in a range of P&I, H&M and routine matters from the mundane to the massive. AMA is able to provide respected expert witness testimony and technical input and has done so in several jurisdictions on high profile cases ranging from a few millions to over a billion USD in claim value.


AMA is actively engaged in offshore vetting and assessment activities for a range of clients, undertaking surveys in compliance with IMCA and other industry standards. We also undertake high value project cargo ‘load outs’ complete with the required carrying vessel assessments and dynamic sea loading calculations on all securing frames, cradles and lines. We work hand in hand with our clients and their other appointed consultants and handlers to ensure a smooth and safe transfer of multi-million dollar offshore structures and vessels.

Governmental Projects

AMA has previously undertaken governmental research and technical assistance programs, ranging from process audit, assessment and change recommendations through to traffic accounting and environmental impact assessments. Our in house maritime and science team are able to expertly and efficiently tackle a wide range of issues and comply fully with the reporting, costing, deadline and confidentiality concerns of governmental agencies in doing so.

Third Party Analysis Audits

Drawing from our internal team of qualified and experienced internal auditors, AMA is able to fully vet the shore based and seagoing operations of our clients and their supply chains for insurance and operational efficiency reasons. Our inspectors are able to draw on considerable and diverse experience in the commercial, military and governmental auditing realms to provide rapid and concise reporting on findings, together with constructive findings to the benefit of all interests.

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