Fire & Forensic


While the most desirable outcome is always for a fair and amicable settlement between parties in dispute, sometimes this cannot be achieved on commercial or other terms and the risk for arbitration or direct litigation becomes increasingly likely.

A successful litigation strategy pivots on the quality of any evidence collected, together with the knowledge and experience of any experts selected to provide litigation support to the legal teams involved.

Our experts have many years each of practical and commercial experience in their respective fields, together with the relevant supporting qualifications and litigation experience. Our experts understand the wider legal and commercial aspects of your problem, alongside the minutiae of their own technical details, allowing them to present the facts in a way that is concise,  accurate, relevant and readily digestible by all parties.

We have routinely provided expert evidence for litigation on a range of subjects including:

  • Standards Compliance – new product entry to market, obtaining and maintaining approvals, failure to achieve standards and consequential losses  
  • Fire Investigation – origin and cause, liability and defence
  • Personal Injury – compliance, liability, cause and contributory factors, recurrence and future risks
  • Material Defects – design or construction flaws, intentional or post-production defects, improper installation and upkeep, substandard base materials
  • Workplace Safety – legal and procedure compliance, training and supervision, safety guards and warnings

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