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Fire Investigations & Arson

Incidents and accidents can be costly to business and could evolve into time consuming and expensive litigations or arbitrations. The success of a case depends on the quality and interpretation of the evidence gathered through dedicated forensic fire scene examination and forensic science investigators.

AMA provide expert advice on the origin and causation of fires and fire damage across multiple environments including land based, marine, automotive, commercial and residential. Example areas in which we have recent and ongoing expert experience include:

  • Expert Witness: arbitration, criminal and civil courts
  • Fatalities: reporting to coroner
  • Explosion investigations
  • Crime: homicide / suicide (by fire), arson, fraudulent claims
  • Cold Case / Desktop: case reviews and re-evaluation, legal disputes, claims
  • Consumer Products: domestic appliances (including white goods, heaters, chargers etc.)
  • Industrial: machinery, both fixed & portable, process fires investigations
  • Vehicles: road, rail, plant
  • Land: residential, commercial, factory, terminal / dock, refrigeration, warehousing
  • Marine: shipping containers, bulk carrier (cargo / structural), passenger vessels, yachts & mega yachts, car / truck carriers, heavy transporter vessels, barges, petro-chemical tankers, LPG / LNG gas carriers
  • Fire Service fire fighting methods and extinguishment analysis

Fundamental questions to be addressed, include:

  • What Happened – cause and effect
  •  Why Did it Happen – reasoned analysis
  •  Who or What is Liable – responsibilities
  •  Repudiation or Recovery – who pays
  •  Exposure Potential – what it might cost

AMA Fire experts have extensive experience analysing existing case information and evidence and will provide factual impartial opinion on the existing case conclusions and will either confirm or refute the findings. This type of work is on the increase and AMA are happy to assist clients with case reviews.

AMA can also conduct fire risk assessments and provide fire training if required.


A large fire at a major industrial aggregate plant saw the total destruction of two buildings. The clients who were a welding company, had been working in the vicinity and were accused of causing the fire by negligence. The welding contractor had liability insurance but cover was withdrawn on the basis that the contractor had not complied strictly with standard warranties in the use and control of hot works. The AMA expert was late appointed and  obliged to rely mainly on the findings of other experts who had been appointed by the site owner, and the liability insurer. These experts both presented their findings in court.

However, the AMA expert was able to demonstrate that the strict warranty conditions had not been practicable at the site and that other expert’s hypotheses for implementation of the standard warranties were not feasible. Moreover, he demonstrated that the precautions implemented by the welders were in principal at least equal to the standard warranty conditions.

In a successful outcome, the judge found that the welding company had not been negligent, and therefore they were able to recover costs.

AMA Provided: –

  • Fire Investigator (fire / forensic experts)

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