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AMA investigators provide total capability for the determination of origin and cause at all incidents, which include all buildings, both domestic and commercial,  marine, from small vessels, bulk carriers and container ships, vehicles and trains. Their vast experience includes fire fighting, fire incident command and over 30 years dedicated fire and explosion investigation in both public and private sectors.

AMA can conduct the investigation of fire and explosion events from discovery (including providing on-going fire operational advice if required) through to excavation, reconstruction, testing, full reporting and expert witness testimony.

With a full time presence in the UK and SE Asia we serve those catchment areas directly and can rapidly deploy to other areas as required. Our experience makes us ideally suited to major loss fires globally. We aim to attend locally within 8 hours and any global site within 24 hours.

Enhanced TEAMS

Our multi-disciplinary team structure means that information and expertise passes easily between case handlers, enhancing all aspects of our delivered services. Because of this, our forensic fire and explosion investigation services are substantially and uniquely supported in-house by the skills of our marine, engineering, science and materials teams. Similarly, these other teams also receive access to fire expertise for inclusion in their marine, science and materials casework and the need for the appointment of further outside agencies is reduced.

AMA is your best source for integrated fire, science and technical experts

  • global coverage
  • large multi-disciplinary team
  • huge experience
  • technical excellence
  • in-house laboratories
reliable, cost effective solutions

A Constant Evolution

AMA is proud of the continuity of its experts and support for casework. AMA provides its clients with continuation throughout a case. Whatever expert is engaged by a client, AMA ensures continuity through each department or section, ensuring the final report is thorough and complete.

All AMA experts engage in continuing professional development to ensure they are fully up to date with the current developments in their particular field.

AMA also actively engage in continuity planning to ensure they have the right number of experts, scientists and staff to provide the continued high level of service to our clients that they have come to rightly expect.


We continuously evolve and expand to better serve our clients

Founded in 1989, AMA has a long and proud heritage in expert surveys and technical consulting to industry. In particular, AMA is well known to the maritime and offshore engineering industries, with our fire investigation, engineering, cargo and petro-chemical knowledge much in demand.

Our fire and forensic court experiences include Coroners inquests, Civil and Criminal defences which results include case dismissal, exoneration or reduced sentencing.

Recent court work has included two successfully defended cases at the UK Technical and Construction Court, together with a number of expert submissions for London based arbitration, and an on-going judicial hearing in Pakistan. Other recent civil fire cases have successfully caused action to be withdrawn or mediated.

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